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Scholarships and Grants

Danielle Shipley Scholarship


Danielle Shipley was a vibrant, 17-year-old high school student with a contagious smile.  She was a beloved and dedicated member of 3rd Degree Burns.  Danielle exemplified an uncompromising attitude of love and support for all fellow band members.  Her positive influence on the lives of her peers made her stand out as an exceptional role model.  In 2009, The Danielle Shipley Scholarship Fund was created to keep the memory of Danielle Shipley alive. She will be forever in our hearts.

Danielle Shipley's favorite motto was: "Live.  Laugh.  Love".

 One or more scholarships may be awarded annually to deserving senior students of 3rd Degree Burns who have participated for a minimum of one full year. Under the Danielle Shipley Scholarship Fund, one scholarship is awarded to the 'Most Improved Musician' and the other to the 'Most Accomplished Musician'. 


Phoenix North 'Rise Above' Grant


In 2014, YMC initiated an additional award called the Phoenix North Rise Above Grant in an effort to recognize those students who stand out for their ‘rise above’ actions and attitudes.  This grant may be awarded annually to a deserving member of the 3rd Degree Burns band, someone who emulates the triumphant, ‘rise above’ character of former band member Phoenix North. The award recipient is not selected based on musical ability, but rather by their RISE ABOVE character.    

The RISE ABOVE student respects all people.  They are a supportive, friendly and trustworthy confidant.  They rebuke gossip, both vocally and in the social media and do not let life circumstances hold them down or allow others to feel sorry for them. They put others first and do not let cliques, social status or age differences interfere with friendships. They  'rise above' bullying, criticism, difficulties and negative comments. They are triumphant in attitude, regardless of outcome. 

Who is Phoenix North?

 Phoenix was one of the original 3rd Degree Burns band members. Phoenix began playing harmonica at age 7 and later added guitar to his talents and performed his first song "Some Kind of Wonderful" on stage at the age of 9.   On January 4th, 2012, at just 14 years old, Phoenix  suffered a massive stroke which changed everything for him and for his family!  At first, they didn't know if he would make it.  If he did survive, doctors couldn't tell his family what to expect.  Well, he did make it, and today he is a walking, talking miracle who warms hearts and makes everyone laugh despite all obstacles, trials, and disabilities, Phoenix triumphed and 'Rose Above' the difficulties he had to face every day.  He is still 'Rising Above' every day challenges because that is his attitude regardless of his day-to-day struggles.  Phoenix stands out for his unconditional love of all people regardless of social status, race, gender or sexual orientation.  Phoenix and his mother, Leigh Green, currently live in North Carolina.  

2019 Recipients

Danielle Shipley Scholarship


Most Accomplished Musicians

Brandon Lemke

Hannah Newsom

Most Improved Musicians

Chase DeLong

Jenna Robinson

Phonenix North 'Rise Above' Grant


Blake DeCou

Past Recipients

Danielle Shipley Scholarship



Ellarie Prince - Most Accomplished

Thadeus Park - Most Accomplished

Marc Brooks - Most Improved

Jack DeCou - Most Improved


Bradley Birkle - Most Accomplished

Sarah Newsom - Most Accomplished

Melissa Aalbertsberg - Most Improved

Cheyenne Roy - Most Improved


Sage Denam - Most Accomplished 

Adam Davis - Most Improved


Colt Caron - Most Accomplished

Savannah Fullmer - Most Improved


Allison Jackson  - Most Accomplished

Rachel Eckert - Most Improved


Caleb Nettles - Most Accomplished

Brian Jenkins - Most Accomplished


Wyatt Fleisher - Most Improved


Cheryse Burns - Most Accomplished

Trevor Harnden - Most Improved


Lucas Cosins  - Most Accomplished

Issac Dillard - Most Improved


Kris Kress - Most Accomplished

Heather Dix - Most Improved

Phoenix North 'Rise Above' Grant



Hannah Newsom

Ben Schultz


Brittany Farrar

Michael Smith


Jenna Robinson


Marc Brooks


Abigail Jankowski